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Your go-to resource for discovering Balochistan’s spectacular beauty and varied landscapes is “Apna Balochistan”. Tucked away in Pakistan’s southwest, the territory of Balochistan is home to a patchwork of civilizations and wild natural beauties just waiting to be explored.
Explore the attractive tourist destinations of Balochistan and fall in love with its beautiful sceneries. Balochistan provides an abundance of breathtaking views for all types of travelers, ranging from the rough summits of the grand mountain ranges to the immaculate beaches along the Makran Coastal Highway.
Relax in the Dasht River Valley’s serene beauty, where verdant vegetation strikes a striking contrast with the arid surroundings.
Savor delicious food and traditional crafts at Quetta’s bustling bazaars, where you can also experience the friendly hospitality of the Baloch people.

Tourist Sites of Balochistan By Pak Tourism Guide Sept 2021.

Peer Ibrahim Waterfall

Peer Ghaib Waterfall

Durug Valley

Nushki Desert


Charu Machi